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TOURIST CARD - Your way on Tri-City

Tourist Card is a package of discounts and free admission to museums, cultural and entertainment facilities and restaurants, tailored to your needs.


You can also charge a metropolitan ticket for it and have no trouble using public transport throughout the Tri-City.

Tickets available at Gdansk Tourist Information points.


Transportation Package combines a metropolitan ticket for buses, trams, trolleybuses and SKM in Tri-City with discounts at many restaurants and tourist attractions. List of discount partners and ticket price list: http://kartaturysty.visitgdansk.com/szczegoly-pakietu.qbpage?setLanguage=en&id=78625

Family Fun Package selected attractions, which you can safely visit with your whole family. Interactive exhibitions, science and entertainment centers. If your kids have the soul of the explorer, they love the animals and just love to have fun - staying in Gdansk will surely be unique to them. List of free entry and discount partners and ticket price list: http://kartaturysty.visitgdansk.com/szczegoly-pakietu.qbpage?id=77294

Sightseeng Package the power of attractions that will satisfy even the most hunger of knowledge. Archeology, history, seafaring, nature and art - all intertwined in Gdansk. Feel the spirit of adventure - look at the city in advance, discover new places and fall in love with Gdansk! List of free entry and discount partners and ticket price list: http://kartaturysty.visitgdansk.com/szczegoly-pakietu.qbpage?id=77277


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