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Уже от 229 зл за ночь

NEW - touring a double decker bus!

The trip is a guarantee of a fast, comfortable and unconventional way to get to know the city.

At the selected stop you can get off to explore the area and then return aboard and continue your journey from anywhere on the same ticket.

Each traveler receives a hearing aid in 11 languages.

The Audio guide gives you information on the routes you are passing on the route, brings you closer to the history of the city and provides many interesting details about the lives of its present and former inhabitants.


We suggest you ride with two lines: blue and red, each of which leads an interesting route to the most important places in the city.

Both lines begin and end at the "Brama Wyżynna" stop located in the heart of Gdansk.

Red heights will bring you to the Old Town, the Westerpalte, the lighthouse and the fortress of Wisłoujście, to the ZOO and to the concert in the Oliwa Cathedral. They stop by the stadium and close to the Museum of World War II.


Tickets from 54zł to buy in our Reception!

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